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My First Workout®

Program 1-3: The "Beginner" Bundle

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Our Beginner Bundle is a perfect fit for the child who is just entering the wonderful world of exercise and doesn’t want to bite off more than they can flex! The first three programs feature beginner exercises that introduce your child to simple combinations, movement patterns, and exercises that teach them how to have proper form and technique to improve strength, muscle tone, coordination, and flexibility through sets and reps!

Here is a brief description of each program included in The Beginner Bundle:


Our “original” full-body workout for KIDS kicks off the series of progressive programming with 13 classic exercises that every child on the planet should know how to do!  This workout expertly combines body weight and free weight exercises to improve overall strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility and balance.  Designed for beginners but containing enough challenges for children to work through the program at their own pace by gradually increasing repetitions, sets, and weights.

Equipment used: free weights, sand-ball, mat
Time: approximately 25-30 Minutes
Format: Video and Poster


This full-body workout for KIDS takes the exercises learned in program 1 to the next level.   The exercises are slightly harder but the focus is narrowed to 10 exercises that continue to work all the major muscle groups and develop strength, coordination, stamina, flexibility, and balance. The body performs exercises in three different positions to enhance the development of your child’s strength and stimulate their mind/body connection.

Equipment used: free weights, sand-ball, mat
Time: approximately 20-25 Minutes
Format: Video and Poster


This full-body workout for KIDS builds from the exercises learned in the previous 2 workouts.  A new piece of equipment, the aerobics step, is introduced to enhance range of motion in several of the exercises.  Increasing range of motion increases difficulty and workload.  

Workload is the combination of volume and intensity which is how any one exercise can continue to challenge the body through simple changes in position, volume, time, or intensity.   Strength, coordination, and balance are the main focus in this beginner level program.

Equipment used: free weights, sand-ball, mat, step
Time: approximately 20-30 minutes
Format: Video and Poster