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My First Workout®

Program Eight

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This full-body workout for KIDS builds from the previous seven programs and introduces a new piece of equipment not found inside the kit.  The resistance band is a versatile piece that expertly transitions the My First Workout® series into a more advanced level workout.  This classic piece of equipment is extremely lightweight and perfect for on-the-go people! Every home gym should have one for lots of reasons and it absolutely guarantees your child never misses their workout! 

Many of the exercises in Program 8 were performed in previous workouts but it doesn’t take long to realize the new challenges the band adds to the workout.  This program is exceptionally balanced with a fair amount of time dedicated to balancing out the big muscle groups in your child's upper and lower body.  Another band bonus is the parent/child partnership is a necessity to complete this workout.  

Equipment Needed: free weights, mat, step, discs, band
Time: approximately 25-35 minutes
Format: Poster